Head Shot Spring 2015

Betsy Hnath is a writer, mother and wife who lives in the Norfolk,Virginia area with her husband, daughter, two sons, and three dogs, all of whom graciously supply her with endless material for her work. Her pieces have appeared in various newspapers, magazines and websites on issues ranging from women’s rites to pop music.

Some of Betsy’s work has focused on her experiences as a cancer caregiver to her husband with stage IV metastatic melanoma, and as a patient herself with stage II breast cancer (all before age 40), while still trying to mother her three young children.

She will never again gripe about sunscreen, push-up bras or healthcare premiums.

In addition to her career as a writer, Betsy has taught swimming for more than 25 years. She wishes she could live underwater.

Rather than follow in her fins, her children all chose soccer as their primary sport. Betsy finds this unfortunate because, so far, the only thing she can successfully kick is cancer’s ass.

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