Guess Who?


Emily’s selfies have transformed over the years from simple silly faces to really original, gorgeous works of art.  I am always amazed when scrolling through the photos on my  phone, looking for a completely unrelated image, when I stumble upon pictures like the one above.  Emily had some congenital eye issues that required four surgeries (at least so far) and left her with some compromised depth perception.  My good friend and amazing photographer, JM, remarked that because of her lack of 3D vision, maybe Emily takes such great pictures because what she sees when she looks through the lens of a camera, isn’t much different than what she sees when she isn’t .  I’m not sure.  But I can tell you that I look forward to these little sneaky surprises waiting for me in my photo stream.  And I hope you enjoy this one, too.  I should mention that all of the images, including the Chucks on the banner, were taken by Emily.

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